Dopamine Detox? No, Content Cleanse.

Have you heard about Dopamine Detoxes? Similar phrases such as Dopamine Fasting and Digital Detox have been used too. I see these as a bit of a myth. Essentially, this idea has gained popularity through YouTube and Social Media. Influencers, popular people on the socials, ‘quit’ social media for a week, or month. It mightContinue reading “Dopamine Detox? No, Content Cleanse.”

Predictions are Meh [Short Track]

* ‘Short Tracks’ are brief thoughts on a topic to seek feedback, or conversation, from our community. * Prediction, as defined by the dictionary, is a forecast and as we know, a weather or budget forecast is never perfect. Yet, synonyms include words such as prophecy. Of late, especially in my field of knowledge whichContinue reading “Predictions are Meh [Short Track]”

Here’s to Dads!

Dads. They’re great for laughs, learning, and often puns. June is wrapping up and it’s a great month to celebrate all father figures! All three authors at Start of the Trail were busy celebrating Father’s Day a few weeks ago. We thought it would great to share the memories we have of the dads inContinue reading “Here’s to Dads!”

What is on Your Summer Playlist?

Music changes everything. It helps us in stressful moments. It keeps us moving during a workout. It can motivate us for the game. Did you know it can also make you smarter and help with memory? Let’s play that music then! Music can help you make an entrance, right Jessica? It can help us relax.Continue reading “What is on Your Summer Playlist?”

Thank You, Mom!

“To the world, you are a mother. To your family, you are the world.” I was going to start off this post by stating the history of moms; however, moms are our history. They are the reason we exist. Not to be debated with people’s beliefs of existence, just stating a fact we come intoContinue reading “Thank You, Mom!”

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream. A Nod to Our Favorite Summer Trips.

With most of us putting off summer vacations in 2020, we are looking forward to safely returning to our travels in 2021. We would like to share some of our favorite places to visit and a few we are hoping to in the very near future. While not intentional, the three of us did haveContinue reading “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream. A Nod to Our Favorite Summer Trips.”

Sharing Their Stories

In this article, I am taking a different approach. I would like to share some of the creators I follow and enjoy. I will also give you a little insight into why I connect with their content. Let’s begin. Listen to the blog post by going to our Podcast page. #1 American Indian Fine Arts byContinue reading “Sharing Their Stories”

Our Top TV Shows, Audiobooks, and Movies.

Our post this month is worth binge-reading! Literally. Our three authors are bringing you our ‘current’ favorites to binge-watch…and listen. The selections are so gripping, you might feel like you are up against the ropes, trying to survive the end of the world, and escaping to space. Every month, Molly, myself, and Jessica will bringContinue reading “Our Top TV Shows, Audiobooks, and Movies.”

Finding My Voice

Listen to the blog post by going to our Podcast page. Hello my friends. I have a very real topic this week. A topic that can be uncomfortable for many to discuss. A topic that can be hard to reflect on their own personal knowledge and skills. The topic, racial equity.  Before I go further,Continue reading “Finding My Voice”

What Does Mississippi Avenue, Fort Master, and The Game Have in Common? Some of Our Fondest Snow Memories

Every month, Jessica, Molly, and I will bring you a collaborative blog post. We will brainstorm ideas we each can write about. Then we will bring those stories together for our fourth post of the month. Our post this month is ‘snow’ much fun! Yes, as the title alludes to, we share some of ourContinue reading “What Does Mississippi Avenue, Fort Master, and The Game Have in Common? Some of Our Fondest Snow Memories”