About Us

Jessica Norwood

I am a lover of all things creative and enjoy soaking in the world around me. I love the earth and admire how everything functions on it. Many assume I am quiet as I observe and analyze before acting. Observation is how I found my way to photography and teaching it in higher education, though it may be in my blood. I see everything in moments and ponder what it would look like through the lens of my camera. My favorite moments are spent with my husband and three boys on adventures or as homebodies. Their love for baseball, exploration, and creative work inspires me to continue creating. My desire to be a life-long learner started at NWTC with a degree in graphic design. I went on to UW-Stout for a Bachelor’s in Career, Technical Education & Training. I will finish my Master’s in Communication and New Media in 2022! Coffee (or wine) in hand, I’m excited to journey through inner thoughts and observations through writing.

Molly Schroeder

I’m a book-loving, wine drinking, heart attack survivor, that is constantly being bit by the travel bug. I am also a lifelong learner. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Norbert College in Art and Media Communications. Some years after graduating from St. Norbert and a few jobs, I went back to school to earn an Associates’ Degree in Marketing from NWTC. The path I have planned for myself hasn’t always followed the map. But, each of those path veering moments have helped create the person I am today.

Ronnie Coyle

I am a big believer in being Positive, Compassionate, and Respectful. My Spirit Animal is a Hawk. You may have noticed its semblance in the logo. I have the determination to stay focused and my observations inform me when the time is right to act or lead. The Hawk also keeps me connected to my dad. When I was younger we would always point out every Hawk we noticed when driving through the countryside. My family is everything to me. My wife enjoys using her creative talents. She runs a business based on unique and customized products. My high school-aged son competes in soccer as a goalkeeper and has a knack for golf. My elementary-aged son plays soccer almost daily, with a healthy mix of basketball. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with my Bachelor’s degree and received my Master’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University. My MS is in Marketing, with a concentration in Social Media Marketing. I am a member of the Muscogee (Creek) tribe, as well as my two sons. I had a small-town upbringing. I love teaching in higher education. Continuous and relentless research of social media is my go-to. My intentions are to bring you enlightening and entertaining reads, I do hope you enjoy and maybe even strike up a conversation.