Predictions are Meh [Short Track]

* ‘Short Tracks’ are brief thoughts on a topic to seek feedback, or conversation, from our community. *

Prediction, as defined by the dictionary, is a forecast and as we know, a weather or budget forecast is never perfect. Yet, synonyms include words such as prophecy. Of late, especially in my field of knowledge which is marketing, predictions have become popular to make. It always happens at the end of a year, or the start of a new one. It is trendy for “experts” to make predictions. However, those predictions never seem to be far-fetched…enough, nor stretched…over a period of time. They are simply for the year ahead. Boring. I can make a weather forecast too. It will be cold in the winter, warmer in the spring, hotter during the summer, with a cool down in the fall. This makes predictions meaningless, even dull, in my opinion. Anyone can see what might come in the current year. Ideas such as the growth of the metaverse (I imagine my voice in a billowing echo saying metaverse), inclusion of privacy in digital platforms, and [insert a popular topic] will not be the same are, well, common sense. Right? And no one can predict the unknown (see COVID-19). Some of you will find a prediction that will work for that though.

Predictions by well known futurists, oracles, prophets, or soothsayers are only construed to fit the occasional coincidence. Humans such as Nostradamus or Carl Sagan have quotes that are merely memes in our time which give bloggers and media something to talk about. So, I leave you with this. Rely not on the predictions of the future. Believe in the truths that are in front of you. Each choice you make now, continue to steer your path moving forward…into the [your] unpredictable future. 

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