Here’s to Dads!

Dads. They’re great for laughs, learning, and often puns. June is wrapping up and it’s a great month to celebrate all father figures! All three authors at Start of the Trail were busy celebrating Father’s Day a few weeks ago. We thought it would great to share the memories we have of the dads in our lives. Did you know that Father’s Day was not a nationwide holiday until 1972? I did not know this until recently.

Enjoy our Father’s Day edition of the blog with some special guest contributors on the podcast.

Here's to Dads! Start of the Trail

By Jessica Norwood, Molly Schroeder, and Ronnie Coyle Dads. They're great for laughs, learning, and often puns. June is wrapping up and it's a great month to celebrate all father figures! All three authors at Start of the Trail were busy celebrating Father's Day a few weeks ago. We thought it would great to share the memories we have of the dads in our lives. Did you know that Father's Day was not a nationwide holiday until 1972? I did not know this until recently. Enjoy our Father's Day edition of the blog with some special guest contributors on the podcast. — Send in a voice message:
  1. Here's to Dads!
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Jessica Norwood

It’s fun to celebrate dads this time of year (and of course the rest of the year). I remember celebrating with my dad and grandpa in Milwaukee which always involved games, a picnic table of food, and a grill. Such fun memories.

I’ve learned many things from my dad, often involving building things. Dad used to build things for us to play with. I most remember the doll changing table with a shelf and sliding doors to store everything. We used that all the time. In fact, I have it in our house now! I am also pretty sure my love of gardening came from watching dad garden when I was younger. I remember sneaking in the garden to pick pea pods. Most of memories involved being outside and it’s still one of my places to be!

Both of my parents have a love for music, but my love for 50s and 60s music come from dad. One of my favorite things was our car rides to Milwaukee and listening to the “Oldies” station. Until middle school that was the only music I knew and it is the best. Dad, I’m going to admit that listening to jazz music in the car on Sunday mornings used to drive us nuts, but I totally get it now. I chuckled the first time I put on jazz in the car, knowing how I was when I was younger. Gosh there are so many other memories to talk about. I’m excited that you are in the retirement stage of your life so that you can have more time to do the fun things you’ve always enjoyed.

I also get a bonus dad! My stepdad has been in our lives for quite some time. I will never get sick of hearing stories about growing up in Kentucky and the crazy antics that ensued. How you survived your childhood is still a mystery to all of us, haha. Regardless of the day, you always have a smile on your face!

Today I get to celebrate not only with my dads, but with the kids and their dad. I thought it would be great to let the boys join in and talk about their favorite things about their dad and grandpas. Please welcome Cameron, Kellen, and Marcus as guests on our podcast!

Molly Schroeder

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! Even those dads who have been trying to be a dad, to those dads in heaven, to those dads who have lost a child, to the stepdads and the role models that have stepped into the dad role. We are all thinking of you too!  Also, Happy Father’s Day to the fur baby dads.

I have to give a special Father’s Day shout-out to my dad, Mark. He is truly an amazing man with a heart of gold. He’s doesn’t even bat an eyelash when someone asks for help. He will show up with all the tools he thinks you might need, and some, plus, he will bring snacks. 

I can’t even count all the times I have called my dad at the last minute for help and for all of those times thank you, thank you, thank you! My dad is the most dependable and selfless person I have ever meet. For that reason, I am so lucky to call my dad one of my best friends.

I was his co-pilot as we drove across the country to help my older sister and her family move back home to Wisconsin! When I was younger we use to have secret Hardee’s dinners down by the water and he would throw away all the evidence at work the next day, so my mom and brother never knew. On my first airplane ride at the age of 22, my dad held my hand at take-off and didn’t get mad when I gripped his arm so tight when we landed. He has attended countless soccer games and basketball tournaments throughout the years and he even let my elementary school friends car chalk his beloved suburban! As if all of those memories didn’t show how much my dad cares and how amazing he is, we finally crossed a trip off our bucket lists when he met me on the other side of the world to explore the Emerald Isles like we always talked about when I was a kid.

My dad has also been there for me when I needed him the most, like when he let me move home for a little while to help me get back on my feet, and has been to so many doctor’s appointments and specialists since the beginning of my heart journey, he knows more about my medical history then I do. Plus, he always makes sure everyone’s favorite drinks and snacks are fully stocked in the fridge. I have always looked up to my dad and I’m grateful that I have inherited his love for Irish Whiskey, being outside, and being able to find beauty in all the little things of our every day. He’s always the first person I call when I have some free time to see if he is up for a fire, has time for a quick cold one, or if he is just up for a chat. 

My dad is also a star. Not only in my eyes, but he did star in a Pabst Super Bowl Commercial back in the ’70s and was a part of the Actor’s Guild. He still has his membership card. So it’s not an uncommon occurrence when talking to my dad that one will hear, “You know, it pays to drink.” This comment is normally followed by his commercial story (which is one of my favorites!). I guess I was destined to work in the alcohol industry and follow in the footsteps of my father.

He loves to explore and try new things. My dad is always the first one willing to sample any type of wine, hard cider, craft beer, pickled meats, and all types of foreign cuisine. While sometimes, he falls in love with drinks and foods that I will never agree to even sample, like pickled gizzards, some weird on-sale liquor that doesn’t look like it good for your stomach, jalapeno spam, and he brought home pickled pig’s feet once. No thank you, sir, those are all yours. With his weird taste buds aside, I have learned so much from my dad. Not only how to be adventurous, but also how to find the positive in every situation and always find the best in people.

So thank you Dad for being my dad and loving me to the moon and back since day one! I’m excited to see where our next adventures take us and make even more memories with you in the future!  Cheers to you Dad and all the other Dad’s out there!

Ronnie Coyle

September 20, 2010. That was the day I went from making memories with, to holding onto memories of, my dad. 

After beating cancer four times over a 14 year period, I was certain he would live a long life because nothing would defeat him. Call it resiliency, or stubbornness. I know what many would say that knew my dad. Unfortunate events led to losing him. There is not a day that goes by I don’t think about him. Actually, one thing that is a consistent reminder of our relationship is seeing a hawk. So, I love the summer even more for this reason because hawks are everywhere. Also, recently a pair of hawks have nested in a tree two houses down from ours. They are red-tailed hawks, one of my favorite. It is fun to see them flying around the house and hearing their scream when a blackbird feels the need to annoy them. I got ‘cha dad, I know you are still with me. 

Many years ago I wrote a poem to my dad, or as I often called him Daddio, and as with anything else I have made some changes. Here is my new poem to dad for Father’s Day.

“One of my favorite things about you was your quirky dance moves.

Maybe it was ‘Old Time Rock & Roll, Abracadabra, Maneater, Down Under, or anything from Tina Turner’

I could count on you to make some sort of slow robotic movement to the beat of the song.

You would also make the funniest facial gestures, similar to the photo with this poem.

I have no doubt carried on your traditions when it comes to dancing and making faces.

By the way, I am making a playlist for you, with 10 songs so far and many more to go.

I am thinking about calling it, ‘Daddio’s got some dance moves’. Lol.

We use to always talk about sports, and I sure wish we could talk about my boys.

They are even better than I ever was, and I know you enjoyed watching me play.

I do know you always have the best seat in the house, keep an eye on ‘em.

Before I make this poem too long, I leave you with this.

If there was something I could do to give you the biggest damn hug right now, I would.

Daddio, I love and miss you.”

We hope you enjoyed our stories. Thanks to Ronnie and Molly (and our guest contributors) for joining me this week. I would love for you to share your favorite story or memory on Facebook or in the comments. Have a good pun? We love those too!

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