How To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest

In the past six years, I have been lucky enough to attend over thirty weddings with even more to come. 2020 put a hiatus on our wedding fun, but we are picking up right where we left off with five weddings this year. While I have never had my own wedding, I have been blessed to stand up in five weddings and have been the maid of honor in three of them. This includes the two weddings that I will be standing up in, in September. Yes two weddings in one month, actually two weddings in one weekend! It’s going to be a great weekend full of love, laughs, and tons of dancing, but that’s a story for another time. While weddings happen all year round, according to the true wedding season is June to September. That means that wedding season is just around the corner. I wanted to make sure you knew how to be the perfect wedding guest this year and drop my perfect wedding guest knowledge on you. 

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As much as you want to capture the beautiful bride walking down the aisle, the adorable flower girl, or the look of awe on the groom’s face, please, please, PLEASE, put your phone down. The bride and groom have paid someone A LOT of money to capture all of those photos for them. The last thing they need is your cellphone or iPad in the aisle ruining the shot of their first kiss. Photographers are trained and paid for their talent and masterful artistry in getting the right shots. I have been to a wedding where someone was standing next to the photographer trying to get the same shot with their phone. Just leave your phone in your pocket or purse until the I do’s and kissing is over. Once you leave the ceremony, go crazy. Take your selfies with the happy couple and those friends you haven’t seen in forever. Heck, get the fun candid shots after the photographer has gone home, but for the love of Pete, put your phone away at the ceremony. 

#2: Take The Crying Babies Outside

Everyone loves babies and babies dressed in adorable suits and cute dresses always make our hearts melt. But when those cute little babies are hungry or angry, please take them outside or in the cry room. While babies are adorable, they aren’t the best at being quiet and can put a damper on the ceremony.

#3: Pace Yourself

After the ceremony, you might be lucky enough to be on the bridal party bus, or hit up a few bars with your friends before you make it to the reception. Drinks will be served and fun will be had. Plus, at most weddings, there is some sort of cocktail hour and open bar. Remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, to get you to the end of the night. Please, don’t empty your sober tank before the mother and son or father and daughter dance. If you do, you will probably win the worst wedding guest award, not something to brag about. 

#4: Let The Speakers Speak 

We all know that the parents are going to tell a sweet story about the bride and groom and the maid of honor is going to cry even though she said she wasn’t going to, plus the best man is going to tell at least one joke that no one finds funny. But it’s just plain rude not to listen. One wedding we went to the microphones were failing and the brides father had to yell his speach. The people we were sitting with didn’t care at all, they were more focused on their drinks and were talking so loud. They made it impossible for anyone in our section of the reception to hear what the father of the bride was saying. I felt horrible for the family, as that special moment was ruined. Don’t be those people. Please! 

#5: Just Dance

This also means have fun. The bride and groom asked you to be a part of their special day for a reason. They spent a lot of time and money to make sure they could throw the best party ever. That means pack your dancing shoes. Seriously though, bring an extra pair of shoes for you to dance the night away. This way you can bust a move to your favorite songs with the right amount of feet grip and you won’t be slipping around barefoot walking in everyone’s spilled drinks. I have a pair of converse that have become my wedding reception shoes, that I leave in my car until it’s the right time of the night. Plus, the happy couple and their families want to make memories that will last a lifetime, and that includes everyone dancing and having fun! 

As you get ready to attend your next wedding, remember these tips for being the perfect wedding guest. The bride and groom will forever be thankful that you were able to share their special day and you tried your best to make it as special as they are. Oh, and don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes! 

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