The Start of the Trail Begins

The Start of the Trail Begins

Here's to Dads! Start of the Trail

By Jessica Norwood, Molly Schroeder, and Ronnie Coyle Dads. They're great for laughs, learning, and often puns. June is wrapping up and it's a great month to celebrate all father figures! All three authors at Start of the Trail were busy celebrating Father's Day a few weeks ago. We thought it would great to share the memories we have of the dads in our lives. Did you know that Father's Day was not a nationwide holiday until 1972? I did not know this until recently. Enjoy our Father's Day edition of the blog with some special guest contributors on the podcast. — Send in a voice message:
  1. Here's to Dads!
  2. What is on Your Summer Playlist?
  3. Me-er than Me
  4. How To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest
  5. Thank You, Mom!

To begin, the Start of the Trail is a collaborative blogging space for three authors. We will share how past experiences have shaped who we are. We will provide insights into what we are doing now. Topics such as being a heart health advocate. Promoting healthy organic eating. Learning more about our ancestry. As the title alludes to, we will share the paths we are embarking on. This includes ourselves, our families, and the causes close to us. We are at the core of this blogging project. Yet, we invite our family, friends, and new acquaintances to join us in discovery and discussion. 

I mentioned the connection to the title, let me actually define it by explaining the end. Our hopes for this blog. 

First, our purpose. “Start of the Trail is a shared Story venue for the authors to voice their thoughts and experiences. Our hope is to motivate compassion and instill a sense of connectedness. We open ourselves to bring you opportunities of reflection.” This statement is important to us. We hope you will join us in thought, also through discussion, and sharing. Sharing our collective stories.

You may also ask, “how did you come up with the title?” For me, this is a connection I have to a famous and iconic statue called The End of the Trail. The sculptor of this statue is James Earle Fraser. When I brainstormed a blog name and its purpose, I recalled a story. The story James told about why he created the sculptor. 

End of the Trail, by James Earle Fraser. Internet Archive Book Images, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons

James Earle Fraser’s End of the Trail is one of the most iconic works featured in The American West in Bronze, 1850–1925. First modeled in 1894, the sculpture is based on Fraser’s experiences growing up in Dakota Territory; as he wrote in his memoirs, “as a boy, I remembered an old Dakota trapper saying, ‘The Indians will someday be pushed into the Pacific Ocean.'” The artist later said that, “the idea occurred to me of making an Indian which represented his race reaching the end of the trail, at the edge of the Pacific.” In 1915, Fraser displayed a monumental plaster version of the work at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, earning popular acclaim and a gold medal.

This story shared by The Met.

It clicked.

For my ancestors. For me. For each of us, it is the start, ALWAYS. As we begin new days and new adventures, we take many journeys in our lives. We, the authors, will be sharing our journeys of obstacles, reflection, and growth. 

We encourage you to follow along. Join us as we experience many emotions. Amusement. Fear. Interest. Joy. Nostalgia. Sadness. Triumph. To name a few.

We look forward to this new project. We hope you do too.

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Also, consider leaving comments on the blog posts at the bottom. We would love to hear what you think and if you have any questions. 

Take care, and be safe.

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